I've been doing some kind of development work for about 30 years. I've written BIOS code for Z80's, windows code in Intel ASM, more C than I can shake a stick at. And then I transitioned to systems engineering. Part of the reason was that I was spending time learning things who's half-life was too short for the time I was spending on them. But the big reason was that I saw there were problems at the systems level that I wanted to help solve. I took advantage of opportunities to keep my fingers in the development world. There were chances to take classes on many things - Scala language, Swift language for example. But without actually doing projects, I lost track of a lot of the block-and-tackle of development to the point that I understood things like CI/CD from the conceptual level, but couldn't pass a test on a particular tool set. Now that I'm looking at finding new opportunities for the first time in about 20 years, I want to take some time and catch